What if you could consistently attract your ideal client and have the impact you desire?



I'm guessing you didn't get into business to be a full-time marketer and you're ready to create a system that you can always rely on to bring clients to your health and wellness business

It may feel like you keep trying and failing to market your
wellness business

Caz Wilson Consultancy

🗸 Start with A Life-Changing Offer
If you've been struggling to attract clients, your offer might be the reason why. We'll help you craft an offer that your audience will love and that will change their life, and yours!

🗸 Create Sustainable Top Line Content to Bring in Leads and Warm Up Your Audience
We'll take the agony of creating a video or a podcast, all you have to do is press record, we'll do the rest!

🗸 Launch Your Offer The Right Way
We'll create the launch strategy and set up the tech for you. We know how to create funnels to book out your business. You'll have a system that will fill your practice all year long.

But How Do You Know What Will Work?

You don't have to do it alone

What if you had a cheerleader, brainstorm buddy, and marketing specialist by your side every step of the way?

What if you had a team to handle all aspects of your marketing while you operated in your zone of genius?

What if someone could ensure that you had a proven system to generate consistent, qualified leads to your business?

Here's how we're going to get you there...

Are you ready have a consistent stream of clients?
No more feeling stuck!

Fully Define Your Signature Life-Changing Offer

It starts with your offer. We'll get clear on what your signature offer is. Also, we'll set up all the icky tech stuff so that people can easily buy your offer.

Uplevel Your Mindset

You'll receive 2 sessions with High Performance Mindset Coach Josie Brocksom to overcome set your mind up for success.

Create a System for Success

Together we'll create and execute your top-line content, your continual leads funnel and your launch plan. This is how you'll be able to keep your wellness practice continually fully booked.


Together we will...

Solidify your signature Life-Changing Offer. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, and frustrated – you will be able to promote your offer with confidence

Create a solid customer funnel that will automate your marketing

Help you set up and optimize your Top Line Content to ensure that you gain quality organic leads for your business




“Working with Caz has created a huge shift in my business!
When I look at my monthly balance sheet I can tell exactly which month Caz came into my life. Her launch ideas are so creative and very well suited to my audience, and she makes creating all of the pieces of each launch so much easier. What I love most about working with Caz that after each session with her I feel so clear and I know exactly what I need to do to move my business forward. This clarity and focus has helped move my business forward like a freight train! Thank you Caz!” 

Lisa Kilgour, Nutritionist

“I loved working with Caz early on in my coaching business.
I was already running ads but ready to hand it over to the experts whilst I focused on building my programmes and she didn’t dissapoint! Not only did we grow my list considerably, Caz also secured some of the lowest CPAs I’ve ever had for my masterclasses. In short – I would (and did!) happily recommend Caz to others.”

Irene Moore, Business Coach & Founder




The Client Attraction Roadmap is designed to be simple and efficient.

Here's what the program
looks like...

30 Days

Create Your Life-Changing Funnel

Imagine not worrying about the tech! We will build all the components of the funnel for you. We'll also work with you to create, edit and publish your podcast or YouTube channel and your perfect freebie. At the end of the 30 days, you'll have a complete funnel built for you from scratch.

60 Days

Social Media on Auto-Pilot

Let's work on your social media together. We'll help you to refine your message and help you effortlessly be consistent with your social media. We'll also handle your posts for the duration of the program and support your work with regular engagement efforts.

90 Days

Execute Your Launch

It's time to launch your offer! We'll get your offer out there working together to create an amazing launch plan that we'll build for you. We'll also create your email sequence to use during your launch and during those periods in between so that you'll have a consistent stream of clients at all times..0


Support and Accountability

The aim of this program is to deliver a funnel with 100% direction but 0% stress or frustration from your side. Working together we'll create a system that will grow your business for years to come.


🗸 Access to Me
In addition to our bi-weekly Zoom calls, we will be in contact via Voxer.

🗸 Fine Tune Your Confidence
You'll have 3 sessions with confidence and mindset coach Josie Louise. Working on the strategy is not enough, we need to work on your mindset too.

🗸 Access to Build Your Audience Course
This course will give you the tools you need to be consistent with social media once you have finished the program.

Caz Wilson



"When reaching a certain point in business when you realize you cannot do it all, you need someone on your team that can fill the void and bring more knowledge to the table than you have even yourself. Placing Caz in charge of my social media advertising (as well as other tasks I’ve thrown at her) has been a business help I never imagined going so smoothly. Caz is knowledgeable and has fantastic ideas to help grow my business's social presence and overall sales level. Having her part of my team for success has been a step in an amazing direction. Thank you as always Caz!"

Dana Midkiff,
E-Commerce Seller and Expert


Instagram Results
Instagram Results
Facebook Ad Results
Facebook Ads Testimony
Instagram Results
Instagram Results
Facebook Ad Results
Facebook Ads Testimony
Facebook Ads Testimony
Monga Testimonial

I'm Caz! I'm really good at Facebook Ads! I also co-host The Success Recipes Podcast. I love helping health coaches (just like you!) find paying clients with paid social ads. After working in digital marketing for over 10 years, I know what works and what doesn’t and that is exactly why I want to help you build an incredible, sustainable business.

The Tangibles? As in, what you actually GET as part of this program

Complete Funnel Development and Setup

We'll create your freebie, landing page, email sequence and paid ad to immediately help you fully book your business

Mindset Sessions

3 x 1 hour confidence mindset sessions with Josie Louise Brocksom

Top Line Content Seup

We'll help you launch your podcast or YouTube channel. What does this mean? We'll work together to brainstorm episodes. All you have to do is record, leave the rest to us!

Launch Plan

We're going to create your launch plan to launch your life-changing offer

Social Media For 90 Days and Beyond

We'll handle two channels of your social media and engagement to set you up for success

Consistent Email

We'll create 12 weeks of emails plus the welcome sequence and launch emails. Consider your email taken care of!

Invest in The Future of
Your Business

12 Week Coaching Program

3 x Monthly Payments of $3,295

Multiple Payment Plans Available

14 Day Moneyback guarantee

As a small business owner, like you, I understand the need to make every
dollar count and invest in products that are going to make a
difference in your business. I take great pride in the products I create and
I stand behind them fully. If at any time you’re not satisfied with the program
or the level of service you’re receiving you can request a full refund within
14 days of purchase. Simply let me know that this is not for you and
you'll receive a full "no questions asked" refund


I've got A's for your Q's

Who is the Client Attraction Roadmap for?

This program is for female coaches who want to automate their marketing without having to worry about all the tech stuff. They're looking for a funnel that they can rely on to create clients easily and effortlessly.  

I'm not tech-savvy. I'm worried that I'll struggle to implement and maintain this.

This is the beauty of this program, we handle the tech for you! We're going to build and handle the social media for you. We'll work with you to set you up with a system that will simplify your marketing.  

How Long Does it Take to Go Through the Program?

This is a 90-day 1:1 program. It's customized to your business and your needs. We will meet bi-weekly to walk you through the segments of the program.

How much work do I have to do?

We're going to encourage you to show up as best as you can on social media but don't worry! We'll give you the tools to make sure that you are prepared and ready and that you have a strategy and system in place to make your marketing work for you.  

I have a question I don't see answered…

OK! Send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get right back to you!  

What if I decide this isn't for me?

This program is chock full of features and benefits which will help you attract clients on auto-pilot. In case you're not feeling it, I offer 14-Days no questions asked, no “do-the-work” guarantee. I just ask that if you get value, you stick with it because I know it will help you create the business that you dream of!

It's your turn to create a business better than the one in your wildest dreams

Caz Wilson

The Client Attraction Roadmap is designed to simplify and automate your marketing in 90 days.

You can grow the business of dreams, earn the money you desire, and have the impact you want.

It's time to flip the switch and begin to live with the knowledge that the business you desire is possible and that your desires and your future truly have no limits.