As much as I love the online business world there’s the fact that we all have to admit which is that it is getting noisier and it is getting more and more competitive.

We have to always be innovating as business owners and one tried and true tactic is to build a substantial email list which you can then market to or target.

The problem is, many of our dream soon-to-be clients are very familiar with the tactic whereby you give your email address in exchange for a free resource. So if everybody is doing this, how do you stand out?

A great option right now that is taking the online business world by storm is using quizzes as an opt-in. I love quizzes and think that they carry a certain nostalgia and an amazing gamification element. I remember as an eight-year-old filling in quizzes to discover my fashion or beauty style, or which Spice Girl I was most like (ahh the 90s!).

But how do you make your quiz stand out? It’s not enough to just create a quiz and called it a day and hope it will be a roaring success. You want your quiz to be something fun, insightful and useful for your audience.

Here on my tips on how to create quizzes that convert:

1. Research a hot question that your audience is asking in your industry. One of the biggest questions I get asked is which social media platform should I focus on, therefore I decided to make that into a quiz to better serve my audience with this tricky conundrum.

2. Ask yourself, what is your audience asking you about? If you’re not sure, do some research ask questions on your social media profile look in Facebook groups and at your competitors to see what the common questions are.

3. Make your quiz useful, relevant and don’t do a quiz for the sake of doing a quiz! You want the subject matter to be relevant and important. As with any piece of content, it will only be useful if your audience gets value from the results, if they don’t they won’t take your quiz

4. If you’re running Facebook ads to your quiz make sure you have optimized the results page for conversions. Optimizing for Lead conversions is a key part of Facebook Ad strategy and will ensure that your quiz converts better.

5. Use a solid quiz platform. There are many out there to choose from but my favorite which I recommend is Interact. Their software is easy to use, syncs with all the major email platforms and you can optimize your quiz for Facebook conversions which will help your ads run more effectively.

If you’re thinking “yes, I want to get started with quizzes”, the great news is that Interact makes it super simple to get going with your quiz. Want to make a trivia quiz? Click here for some ideas

Think your audience will love a personality quiz? Take a look at some ideas here

I highly recommend you start implementing quizzes as part of your lead magnet strategy today.

If you’re looking to get going and try Interact, you can sign up for free here.

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Want to see a quiz in action?

Take my quiz below and find out which social media platform you should be focused on

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