Strategy is a funny word isn’t it? I feel like it’s such a loaded word.

In my corporate life, strategy was a word thrown around by people who wanted to feel important. “Strategy will eat tactics for breakfast” (to clear the record, this was said to me in my 9-5 and is a complete misquote from Peter Drucker who said “culture will eat strategy for breakfast”)

While the semantics of the word “strategy” are all nice and dandy, when it comes to marketing your business on social media, you do need a plan.

You need a plan for your social media because posting aimlessly all year without a point or reason isn’t going to get you anywhere.

A roadmap for the year which outlines your launches, your business goals and your marketing efforts to support that is what you need. Following the 80/20 rule, you want to make sure you’re building a great relationship with your audience and that they know you have incredible products and services for them which will help them succeed in their business goals.

Having a solid strategy for an end goal of your social media posting is going to help you be more deliberate and intentional with your posting. You certainly don’t want to shove your product down your people’s throats right? But you do want them to know what you’re doing, what great content you have and why they are going to just LOVE it.

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Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy